In this game you're making cakes out of different layers. The cakes will appear at the left edge of the screen and will be moving rightwards. You need to pay attention to what layers the cake has and ...
Platform game inspired by a classic, choose between three protagonists with different characteristics.
Play this fun Ratatouille Restaurant game, this is Remy Restaurant, be the waiter and serve the clients while Remy cooks the food. Ratatoiulle Restaurant in famous is delicious and fun with celebrity ...
Simply move the square to the X... again! But now there's double-doors, collapsible floors, and switches. Plus, get medals for completing the puzzle fast and in the least number of moves.
A tower defense game with the awesomeness of traps!
This is a typical escape game. You're in a hotel room. You've just arrived, but you already need to go back, because there's a earthquake and you're worried about your family.