This game is about Wright brothers, the men who constructed the first successful airplane. Your airplane is almost done. You need to test it and to make it fly as far as possible.
Face hordes of the world's most vicious warriors as you lead your army to glory in your quest for the legendary axe!
In this game you're trying to escape a futuristic underground moon prison using a jetpack. The higher you go, the more money you earn, the more money you earn, the more upgrades you can buy, the more ...
In this game you're a detective who investigates a case. You must find the suspects in some sort of a shopping center.
In this game you are running an animal shelter. You have 4 rooms for different types of animals. Your goal is to make sure all animals in these rooms are happy and taken care of.
This is an original game that is based on match-three principle, but has it's own tricks. You have a knight that needs to save a princess going deep underground. You'll have your knight, a key, a door...